5 uses of the cord at home and why you should always have several types

The cord is always present in our homes. Let’s see some examples of the different uses of the cord in the home and of the different types that exist to be able to perform each task in a perfect way.

  1. For shoes. One of the most obvious uses for laces at home is to hold shoes. They are placed both in men’s and women’s footwear and in thinner shoes, in which case it is round and thin lace as in sports shoes. We find it in all possible shades and even with fantasy drawings to match certain children’s shoes.
  2. For your packages. Although today we use many boxes that are already ready to be shipped, there are still many people who make shipping packages with wrapping paper and string to hold it. It is a very suitable system if you do not have a box and you want to send objects that are not delicate, for example to send a garment that we know is not going to easily spoil. The cord not only secures the package preventing what is inside from falling if the paper is slightly torn, but it also allows you to hold it much better.
  3. For the kitchen. For the preparation of many dishes, the cord for cooking, or tanza, is necessary. It is used to tie stuffed meat and thus prevent what is placed around it from escaping. The piece of meat is tied tightly so that it is perfectly sealed and pressed. Thus, when roasted in the oven, all the juice is preserved inside. It is also used to hold roast chickens that take up less space, while avoiding the sauces or condiments that have been placed inside.
  4. For the hair. To tie their hair, many women use elastic cord that they cut to the size they need at all times, depending on whether they are going to collect all the hair or only a part. On this cord they then put a scrunchie so that your hairstyle is perfect and everything fits perfectly. Today, this elastic cord is also used for the manufacture of homemade masks in custom fabrics.
  5. For sewing. Decorative cords are present in many sewing garments. Having different types at home can get you out of trouble when you want to personalize an item of clothing or want to make your own creation with a very personal touch.